Hasidic Jew Sues McDonald’s Franchise for Not Hiring Him Because of his Beard

McDonald’s slogan Lovin’ Beats Hatin‘ was not exactly the case when Morteza Javadi arrived for his in-person interview for a maintenance worker position. According to a recent lawsuit filed by the EEOC, Javadi, a Hasidic Jew, was told he would not be hired by McDonald’s unless he shaved off his beard.  Javadi explained he could not shave off his beard due to his religious beliefs. According to Joseph Torres, McDonald’s store manager, Javadi was not in compliance with McDonald’s “grooming and appearance policy” and as a result, McDonald’s did not hire Javadi for the position. 

The EEOC investigated the matter and subsequently brought an action against the McDonald’s franchise in a Federal Court in Orlando. The EEOC seeks a jury trial and permanent injunction for denying employment/discriminating against Javadi for their religious beliefs.

For a more detailed article, which includes a copy of the lawsuit, click here.

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