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Posted by Salomon November 19, 2019

Excellent Attorney

Hiring Michael could have been the best decision in my life. He is intelligent and knowledgeable so you can trust him. If I could give him 10 stars I would. He is the best. He is patient, talented and transparent. Simply the best.


Posted by Maria Diaz May 28, 2019

Excellent Attorney

We retained Mr. Cotzen for a foreclosure in my mother’s property, his professionalism and his integrity in his work were amazing. Mr. Cotzen went above and. beyond our expectations and we are totally pleased for his service, patience and understanding.


Posted by Sandra February 18, 2019


I can't say enough about Mr .Cotzen! absolutely the best of the best! He helped us with a foreclosure and help us keep our home! He went above and beyond for us. He is a brilliant lawyer extremely knowledgeable about the law and amazing in court! He gets things done right away never had to worry about a thing! Very professional kind and honest.


Posted by anonymous January 6, 2019

Professional, courteous, hard-working

I hired Michael Cotzen to assist me with collecting fees from a client who was ignoring my invoices. He was knowledgeable, professional and courteous. He answered all my requests quickly. He was diligent about following through. I intend to hire him for all of my legal needs in the future.


Posted by anonymous December 6, 2018

Great Lawyer !!

I contacted Michael because my Father's international Insurance did not want to pay a cent for my father's treatment. Also they did not even want to cover any kind of medical consultation or minor procedures to the patient. Since my father was very ill, we did not have much time, and some swift legal action needed to be done in order to push the Insurance to respect the patient's agreement. Though this case was complicating when finding evidences, Michael's letter was strong enough to make the insurance put my father back in the Hospital quickly ! I appreciate his effort in avoiding court, since that would have been expensive and would have taken time - and time is what we did not have...


Posted by Sandy November 3, 2017

Best lawyer! Honest, reliable and thorough!!

I had to split from my partner and Michael was very thorough when it came to looking at every angle so that we had everything covered. I had a lawyer before that who was just billing me and trying to drag the case on. Michael helped me get what I wanted and told me what my options were if plan A doesn't work. He thought of everything possible in worst case scenarios. I would hire him for any case and if it's not his area he would definitely refer you to someone good. I HIGHLY recommend him!!!


Posted by Kim Ben-Shalom October 26, 2017

Excellent service

Michael has assisted us with several different issues. He is always quick to respond and resolve the issues in our favor


Posted by Daisy July 6, 2016

Very happy with my lawyer

I will start by saying that had just about given up on finding a lawyer I could actually feel confident that he was really looking out for my best interest not his. I met Michael by chance though a friend that had read an article in the newspaper describing a very similar situation I was in and how the lawyer had won the case. I called the office he was working with at the time and got an appointment for the next day to talk to them about my foreclosure problem. I met Michael at that meeting and was told he had handled the greater part of that particular case and how good he was at litigations and specially foreclosures, I was in immediately! We began to work on my paperwork and shortly after that I was notified that faced a choice between leaving my case in the hands of the company he had separated from or hire him only. I didn't have to give it a second thought, I made my decision to stay with Michael since I had already been working with him and knew that he was genuinely trying everything within the law to help me. I have and will always highly recommend his service's. Michael is a very professional man who loves to do his work the right way and looks out for his clients.


Posted by NAJIB November 13, 2015

Michael Cotzen is a Powerhouse

Thru my life experience of dealing with so many-different attorneys, I can say for sure that Michael Cotzen is among the best (if not the very best) for these important reasons: He does not underestimate the thoughts and opinions of his clients. He listens. He communicates. He is Very well prepared with Strategies against his opponents. Mr. Cotzen is a Smart-Smart, Sophisticated, Calm and Experienced Litigator…. And most important, he brings friendship, winnings and luck.


Posted by Anamaria Velasquez November 11, 2015

Excellent Attorney!

Mr. Cotzen became a key part of my business and I owe a debt of gratitude for his service. I hired him for two different and complicated real estate matters and the results were outstanding. He is a solid lawyer who provides nothing but the best legal counsel. I will recommend him 100%.


Posted by anonymous November 11, 2015

Michael Cotzen Review A Lawyer You can count on

I recommend this lawyer to anyone who is interested in saving their home for foreclosure. He was an outstanding lawyer in the courtroom. He was very confident in his knowledge of the law system. He knows how to carry himself in the courtroom and never showed any signs of weakness. He takes care of his clients outstandingly and he never makes his clients feel doubtful. Throughout the whole process he made us feel comfortable. We are confident in saying that he will give you the best just as he did for us.


Posted by Doreen November 11, 2015

Excellent Attorney

My experience with Michael was excellent. He is a a very efficient attorney who knows the law and provides options that make sense. He understood the unique facts about my case and provided dependable advice for me. I was very pleased with his ability to bring my case to a good outcome quickly.


Posted by former client 2015 July 3, 2015


The most kind, honest, patient, calm, and think on his toes lawyer. He thinks outside the box because he thinks of every scenario so that you are prepared for the worst and best case scenarios. He respects what you want and gives you his opinion if you ask, but he definitely tries to achieve the clients goals and not what he wants to do. That is what makes him so exceptional. Most lawyers will do what they want, and forget they were hired to achieve what the client wants. He is such an excellent lawyer that we will keep him as our go to lawyer for every need.


Posted by Da'vid August 6, 2014

A must hire!

Mr. Cotzen is first and foremost a professional which is hard to find these days in this profession. He is also humble enough to be open minded. He is an expert in what he knows and becomes an expert in what he does not know. He has the ability to not only write clearly and compellingly but argues that way as well.


Posted by Puig July 28, 2014

I highly recommend Michael Cotzen. He has shown to be highly intelligent, hard working, goal oriented and always within budget.

Michael Cotzen is a great lawyer, always 5 steps ahead of the competition. Honest with integrity. Has won every case he has represented me and my partners. He is result driven, while always mindful of our budget. I intend to continue to have him represent me and my partners in all of our future business needs.


Posted by Joel July 23, 2014

Great results

Mr. Cotzen was quiet meticulous planning the best strategy for my case. His preparedness for possible requests and position from the opposite counsel was remarkable; it showed the level of research and dedication that I was expecting on a case like this. The outcome of my case was excellent and I will retain him again for another real estate case. Lastly, I was timely informed about every step of process. I strongly recommend him.


Posted by Benny July 22, 2014

Well above the rest

Mr. Cotzen is currently representing me in three different legal matters including litigation, probate, and complex real estate transaction. My professional association with him is longstanding and ongoing. I am very pleased with him because he has everything I for one, would want and need in a good lawyer. He's honest, knowledgeable, meticulous and clever. Talented litigator, he's comfortable, well prepared and always in full control of himself in the courtroom facing judge and opposing counsel. Most importantly, he seems like someone who actually enjoys what he does and that makes him good at it. That's what gets results and results is ultimately why we hire lawyers. That is why I hire Mr. Cotzen.


Posted by Michael D. July 22, 2014

Nice person to deal with & remarkable professional.

Hired for a couple of tenant/landlord disputes. It is our impression that this attorney is knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, accessible, understanding, professional, perceptive, intelligent, polite, and communicative - all very important aspects to consider for top quality representation. Outcome of current case has not been determined as of yet - but we are pleased thus far and would highly recommend for hire.


Posted by Monica February 19, 2019


We retained Mr. Cotzen because he was highly recommended by another attorney. We needed assist in a Title Insurance dispute. Our claim was successfully settled at full value of the insurance policy without having to litigate. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the result and grateful to Mr. Cotzen for all the excellent work he did on our behalf. He has been very patient, informative and professional throughout the process.


Posted by Luis February 15, 2019

A True Professional

I hired Mr. Cotzen to defend me in a real estate matter and I can honestly say he was the most professional, knowledgeable and prepared attorney I have yet to work with. He did an amazing job handling my case, looking after the interest of my entire family. I was extremely satisfied with the results and his service. If you need an attorney, I would strongly recommend Mr. Cotzen.


Posted by anonymous January 2, 2019


Michael is very professional and genuinely concerned and does not create fear and worry or run up unnecessary fees. He helped me to be more patient and confident about my situation and our strategy and we had a positive outcome and he is a good person, and I will work with him again.


Posted by anonymous March 28, 2018

Brilliant legal mind!!!

Mr. Cotzen is a class act, professional, caring, and a brilliant legal mind. He truly cares about helping his clients and goes above and beyond for them. He responds to all communications promptly and informs clients as to updates in their case promptly. I cannot tell you how over the moon I am to have been referred Mr. Cotzen to assist me with my matter and how elated I am that he obtained a favorable result on my behalf. He is top notch (this is coming from me, a retired attorney...he stands above the rest). I absolutely recommend him without reservation. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Mr. Cotzen!!!


Posted by DK October 27, 2017

Michael Cotzen “For the People”

I was referred to Michael from my younger brother who is also an attorney. My case was Labor related. Michael handled 2 cases for me over a 3 year window. Settlements were reached in both. Michael was respectful, professional and responsive. He was always available to take my calls or reponded to my emails and texts. His calm demeanor, patience and understanding of my goals allowed me to relax knowing my interests were #1. If you are looking for someone who will represent your interests before their own. Call Michael! He will work hard and smart on your behalf.


Posted by Prince November 30, 2016

An excellent and honest Lawyer

I had an issue with my employers where they tried to screw me over. I got in touch with Mr Cotzen and after hearing me out, told me what needed to be done and mapped out a strategy. He not only followed the strategy but he also sought my opinion and explained the pros and cons. He looked out for my best interest and I was happy with the outcome. Mr Cotzen is the man you want with you when you find yourself in a "fox hole".


Posted by Keren November 16, 2015

integrity and honesty - key qualities

Had an unfortunate situation, and needed legal advise and someone to represent me in the US. as a foreigner, i needed some honest advise and someone i could rely on. Mr Cotzen was a combination of both. Of course, it all paid of and we did get what we wanted.


Posted by Barros November 11, 2015

Foreclosure and Litigation

Today, it's very difficult to find an excellent lawyer like Mr. Cotzen. He is very professional and has the best service in town. Always take my cases very personal and replay all my emails and phone calls immediately. You do not have to worry with his price, it's always reasonable. He has been helping me so much that I definitely recommended his practice.


Posted by Rodrigo November 11, 2015

Highly Recommended Attorney

Michael was a referral from my personal lawyer for a dispute case in Florida, and I am really thankful he took our case. He was supportive, thorough and incredibly accurate! I was very impressed with his knowledge of the law and his ability to put it in terms I could understand. He wrote a lawsuit that was quickly accepted and eventually settled successfully! The case was ready to go to depositions, he clearly explained the process and positioned to win. The counter lawyers found the case better for settlement. I feel the deal was handled correctly and the years-long dispute was settled in good favor. Michael demonstrated he is a solid lawyer.


Posted by Louis November 11, 2015

My David versus Goliath

Michael represented me in a dispute with my former real estate company regarding brokerage commissions owed to me. Despite the fact that the target of my dispute was represented by an attorney of esteemed reputation, Michael was able to persuade him of the merits of my complaint & worked out a settlement in the SIX FIGURES !! Bravo, Michael, Your sling shot was right on target !!


Posted by Javier November 10, 2015

Michael Cotzen

For years, I have been working with Baker&Mckenzie, Greemberg Traurig, Freshfield (NY) and some other top (and expensive) legals firms in NY and Miami. Mr. Cotzen is an excellent advisor, completing work in a timely manner with the utmost attention to detail. He is efficient (does not incur needless steps or fees) and resolutory. Thanks to Mr. Cotzen´s work I have won each and every case we have fought together for the last five years. He was always there, despite the fact that I was not his most important client. He had the patience to talk to me and change my attitude towards a legal strategy that would benefit my pocket the most, rather than directing me towards one where my ego would be happy and my pocket empty. Mr. Cotzen is and excellent person and I know that every step he takes is to help me and make sure that I do not spend with a legal advisor more time or money than the minimun needed. I highly recommend Mr. Cotzen to fight for anyone´s interest.


Posted by Sara August 5, 2014

Amazingly experienced, totally honest and hard working.

After hiring four different attorney firms, I realized that many attorneys will just take your money and are not able to even help.....THEN... we finally found Michael!! Michael Cotzen is the most honest and hard working attorney I've ever had the pleasure of hiring. We have worked with many attorney's in our business, and many were not honest and not thorough, Mr. Cotzen is not only totally honest and straight forward, he is the best attorney at trial because he goes above and beyond in being prepared for trial. He considers every angle of your case, and finds a unique and personal approach. He is outstanding when in court and is quick, prepared and determined. I am beyond impressed with Mr. Cotzen's law experience and dedication to his clients. I have and will continue to recommend him to our close family and friends, because I truly believe in his dedication to his practice.


Posted by Tabs February 26, 2015

Michael is our MUST-GO-TO attorney for all our legal needs. He is excellent.

To be honest, we have dealt with a handful of attorneys in the past and we had lost all faith in lawyers UNTIL we met Michael. Michael is definitely one in a million and we are so very happy to have found him. He has shown to be an honest attorney who actually cares not only about your case, but about you as an individual. He is very straight forward and keeps you informed throughout the whole case. He answers promptly to all your phone calls and emails. He is very conscious about your budget, very professional and extremely patient with clients who, like us, get nervous and ask a thousand questions! Michael has already helped us in quite a few cases SAVING US THOUSANDS of dollars with his outside-of-the-box brilliant thinking, solutions and negotiating skills. He is truly an incredible attorney. He has become our must-go-to attorney for all of our cases and inquiries. We highly recommend Michael Cotzen for your legal needs.


Posted by Arlene July 28, 2014

Exceptional Lawyer

I've had the pleasure of working with Michael and I have had an exceptional experience. Michael is extremely knowledgeable about the law and has a wonderful way of dealing with his clients due to his professional, patient, and honest manner. He always returns calls or emails promptly, and is very experienced at handling challenging cases. I've dealt with other lawyers before, but I have never felt more comfortable or confident about the lawyer representing me as I do with Michael. I highly recommend Michael to anyone that is looking for an experienced and dedicated lawyer that you can trust.


Posted by Heidi July 23, 2014

Professional & Trustworthy

Attorney Michael Cotzen has been very professional in dealing with our cases and the results have been more than satisfying. We trust him as our lawyer and will keep using him every time needed.


Posted by Laz July 22, 2014

Very Knowledgeable and Personable.

Mr. Cotzen has helped me in 3 cases so far and I must say that one great thing about dealing with someone that owns the firm is that you always get personable treatment and fast response. He will tell you what he can or cannot do rather than lie to you for fees and he is very honest. I would definitely recommend him if you are in need of a lawyer.

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