Michelin Guide Wins “Cheesy” Case Brought by French Chef

Mark Veyrat

This lawsuit is one of the cheesiest cases that I have ever seen.  A French court recently adjudicated a lawsuit about souffle.  French chef Marc Vayrat sued the Michelin Guide, which is a series of books published by a French company that review and rate high-end establishments, including hotels and restaurants. 

Veyrat owns fine dining restaurants in Europe and filed a lawsuit against Michelin Guide demanding that it explain its reasons for demoting the rating for his restaurant from its prestigious three-star status to two-stars.  The Michelin inspector previously said that Veyrat used cheddar, an English cheese, as an ingredient in its souffle.  Veyrat, however, claims that his souffle was prepared using two French cheeses, Reblochon and Beaufort.  Frankly, either of the three cheeses sound good to me, but the Michelin Guide apparently took serious issue with the apparently inferior English cheese. Veyrat claimed that he suffered significant damages and was severely depressed.

Cheddar Cheese

Veyrat is the first chef to sue Michelin.  He said that he would accept losing a star but wanted to know why his restaurant was demoted.  Veyrat is also the first to lose a case to Michelin as the French court ruled that Veyrat had offered no “proof showing the existence of any damage” caused by the demotion and found in favor of Michelin. 

Learn more about the case here.

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