Kylie Jenner’s company is being sued by model Sasha Palma for $120,000, who claims she wasn’t paid on time for several photo shoots. She is now asking for a six-figure pay day!

Sasha says she was hired in June 2020 for a one-day shoot with a daily rate of $2,000. She claims she was supposed to receive payment by early July, but Kylie Jenner’s company missed the deadline.

Sasha Palma

She also claims she is certain that Kylie Jenner’s company was able to pay her on time but says it just chose not to – – and now she is entitled to penalties for the late payment totaling $60,000.

Kylie Jenner

But that isn’t it! Sasha claims the same thing happened two months later, in August 2020, when she was hired for another photo shoot by Kylie’s company. Sasha claims she didn’t receive her $2,000 check until more than 30 days after the deadline, therefore entitling her to another $60,000.

So to sum it up:  Sasha was paid her $4,000, but was paid late, and therefore claims she is owed an additional $120,000.  This sounds ludicrous, but parties are obligated to abide by the terms of their contracts.  If the contract at issue provided for such a penalty, then Kylie Jenner’s company may be responsible to pay it.  This is why contracts are so important. 

Business related lawsuits can be difficult to navigate. Cotzen Law has many years of experience with these types of litigation, and we are happy to assist you in dealing with these delicate lawsuits.

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