Will a Sword Fight Determine the Winner of this Iowa Lawsuit?

They definitely did not teach sword fighting in law school.  Despite this, a lawyer in Iowa, Matthew Hudson, is up against a litigant in a family dispute who has asked his judge to let the parties “resolve our disputes on the field of battle, legally.” 

He has asked the judge to allow for trial by combat with his ex-wife and her lawyer and has asked for 12 weeks to obtain Japanese samurai swords. 

Although a novel idea and despite that the litigant may find a lot of enjoyment engaging in a sword battle with his ex-wife and her lawyer, it is highly doubtful that the judge would allow this to legally occur. 

The apparent objective of the battle is to rend their souls from their corporal [sic] bodies.”  At least he admits that attorneys do have souls. 

Read more about this dispute here.

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