Purell Sued for Misleading its Consumers

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers cannot find Purell and other hand sanitizers as stores are sold out. Purell’s manufacturer, Gojo Industries, however, will have to focus some of its attention on a class action lawsuit that has been filed against it.

Gojo was sued in federal court in Ohio by four consumers who claim that the Purell packaging expresses “misleading claims” about the effectiveness of its product. According to the lawsuit Purell’s front label claims that it “kills 99.99% of illness causing germs” and that it is implied that the figure is backed by scientific support. The plaintiffs allege that there is no support for this.

The lawsuit also that Purell hand sanitizer claims to help prevent infection and diseases, but there is allegedly “no sound scientific evidence to support the claims.”

The lawsuit also mentions a letter sent by the Food and Drug Administration to Gojo in January describes Purell as a topical antiseptic,” which, the plaintiffs claim, is not a safe and effective manner to prevent infection.

The class action suit seeks unspecified damages for any customer who bought Purell and relied on its packaging and marketing materials.

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