Life Insurance Companies Do Not Always Pay

Many of us have purchased life insurance policies to protect our loved ones in the event of our untimely death.  One can only hope that the life insurance company will live up to its obligation and pay out the proceeds to our beneficiaries post-death.  Unfortunately, that does not always happen. 

In the article linked below, the widow of a CBS engineer was denied her husband’s life insurance benefits after the insurer – AIG – determined that he died from auto-eroticism, which is an exclusion under the policy.  His wife has sued.  The issue in that case will be whether the death was a result of auto-eroticism, which as the insurer writes, was “a natural and probable consequence of intentionally self-inflicted injury” or whether it was accidental. 

Cotzen Law has litigated numerous life insurance cases on behalf of unpaid beneficiaries involving issues such as whether there was fraud in the life insurance application, whether the insured was required to amend the application where new health issues arose prior to the issuance of the policy, and whether the death was suicide or accidental.  If you or someone you know has not been paid life insurance benefits, contact us to determine whether litigation is the next step.

Here is the article mentioned above.

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