Houston Astros Sued by Season Ticket Holder

The Houston Astros’ problems continue to mount. The Astros’ cheating scandal has been well documented and any punishment that the team receives from Major League Baseball is well deserved for violating the sanctity of the game.  The Astros have recently been sued by a Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher who claimed that the cheating ruined his career. 

Now the team has been sued by Adam Wallach, a season ticket holder, who seeks damages of $1 million.  He is suing the Astros for negligence and violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practice Act (Florida has a similar statute).  Wallach’s lawsuit accuses the Astros of “deceptively overcharging (fans) for season tickets while defendants and their employees and representatives knowingly and surreptitiously engaged in a sign stealing scheme … and secretly put a deficient product on the field that could result (and now has resulted) in severe penalties.”

Wallach is also requesting an order that would prohibit the Astros from increasing their season ticket prices over the next two years.

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