Denise Richards and Husband Sued for Breaching Lease

Denise Richards is a star on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  She is an actress and model and is perhaps most famous for being married to Charlie Sheen for 5 years.  She and her current husband, Aaron Phypers, have been sued after allegedly trashing a rental property.  The owner has accused the couple of bringing too many pets onto the property. 

Denise Richards

The lease provides that Richards and Phypers could bring only three dogs and two pot-bellied pigs into the Los Angeles home.  Through the lawsuit, the landlord claims that Richards knowingly and willingly violated the Pet Addendum, which specifies the animals that were allowed and states that they must return the property in the same condition as it was in.  It also provides that they would properly use, operate and safeguard the property and keep it in clean and sanitary condition. 

It is unclear whether this lawsuit has merit or is a “money-grab” given Richards’ fame and wealth.  Richards’ attorney states that he has not seen any proof of damages or invoices, despite his requests for same.  He also states that they have not provided photos or videos and that Richards videotaped the property upon her move out and that the video shows no damage.  Finally, he argues that the landlord recently sold the home at fair market value, which, he says, would negate any damages. 

Many lawsuits are filed in South Florida related to disputes between tenants and landlords.  If you are involved in such a dispute, Cotzen Law can help.

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