When can an insurance company refuse to pay life insurance proceeds?

A lot has been written about Casey Kasem’s last months and his death, most recently about the battle for his life insurance.  While the insurer does not appear to be denying benefits to the beneficiaries, it is important to realize that in Florida, every life insurance policy is contestable within the first two years of the policy’s lifetime. If the insured dies during that period, the insurer can conduct an audit, request documents including medical and financial records, and make the determination of whether it wants to contest the policy.  Often times, the insurer will contest the policy and argue that, for various reasons, it does not need to pay the benefits to the beneficiary.  The beneficiary’s only option becomes litigation.

Cotzen Law has significant experience litigating the denial of life insurance proceeds on behalf of the beneficiary, both in state court and in federal court.  It is important to seek legal advice if you are ever in this unfortunate situation and ensure that the attorney has the requisite experience in this area of law to be able to properly assist you. 

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