UPS Workers Claim in Lawsuit That They Were Forced to Falsify Delivery Times

Former UPS employees have made allegations in an employment related lawsuit that overworked drivers are told to falsify delivery times for UPS’s “Next Day Air” service. Customers pay pay a premium, between $130 and $163, to ensure a package arrives by a certain time. Former UPS employees claim in federal court papers that they were forced to scan a package, indicating it had been delivered, only to actually get the package to its destination hours after the deadline.

These employees accused UPS in March 2020 in the lawsuit that they failed to pay overtime to its drivers and covered up car accidents to keep insurance premiums low. In the lawsuit, they claim that “a toxic combination of impossible hours and a ruthless pursuit of profit and entrenched dishonesty” plagued UPS. The lawsuit also accuses UPS of forcing drivers to leave packages in high-crime areas and then firing them if the deliveries were stolen.

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