Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Casino Mogel Dismissed

A federal judge in Nevada has dismissed a lawsuit filed by nine women who alleged they were sexually harassed by former casino mogul Steve Wynn.  These women are manicurists and makeup artists in a salon at the Wynn Las Vegas.  They filed the lawsuit anonymously as Judy Doe No. 1 through Judy Doe No. 9. Their decision to stay anonymous was one reason the judge dismissed the case as the judge stated that they hadn’t legally justified the need to stay anonymous to continue their case.

These women sued the Wynn Las Vegas and Wynn Resorts Ltd, alleging that the companies did not do enough to prevent a hostile work environment.  They alleged that the companies were aware of misconduct by Wynn towards female employees but did not investigate it and covered up any reported misconduct.

Steve Wynn

Wynn, 78, resigned in February 2018 as chairman and chief executive of Wynn Resorts and has consistently denied sexual misconduct allegations, which were first reported in January 2018.  Wynn was not named as a defendant in the women’s lawsuit.

In the order dismissing the lawsuit, Judge James C. Mahan agreed held that the women did not sufficiently justify their need to file their lawsuit anonymously using pseudonyms.  The women stated in court filings that they chose to file anonymously because of fear of legal retaliation by Wynn and the potential of being ostracized in their workplace.  They were also concerned that sensitive details that would upend their lives if made public.

Judge Mahan also held the women did not allege sufficient details to support their case in the complaint, instead using “generalized and vague statements without individualized factual support for their allegations.”  The lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice, which means it can be refiled.

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