Plastic Surgeon Litigates with Mortuary, Crematorium, and In-Laws over Wife’s Ashes

I have handled a wide array of probate cases over the years. I have also seen unique family squabbles, especially with the in-laws. This, however, is an unfortunate situation that I have not seen.  Dr. Alexander Sinclair, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, has sued a mortuary and crematorium and his in-laws, alleging that they colluded to deny him half of his late wife’s ashes.  He alleges that despite paying $7,000 for his wife to be cremated, he was only given 2 ounces of her ashes.  The bulk went to his in-laws. 

He alleges that Kubota Mortuary and Evergreen Cemetery breached his contract over the disbursement of his wife’s ashes, which he claims provided that he would receive half.  He has filed a separate suit against his in-laws.  The mortuary states that it is investigating. 

Read more about this lawsuit here and here.

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