Palm Beach Association Wins Case Against Woman Who Feeds Wild Animals

Homeowners thought they were buying into luxury at the Ibis Golf and Country Club, located in Palm Beach County, with houses approaching $1 million and three golf courses designed by the Jack Nicklaus family.  However, these homeowners did not know that they would be neighbors with Irma Acosta Arya.  This resident decided that she would feed wildlife in her community finger sandwiches, raw chicken and dog food. (I can’t believe she would take the time to make sandwiches for the animals) 

This attracted many wild animals, including vultures, raccoons, alligators and a bobcat.  The residents of the association began complaining of animals defecating, vomiting, destroying pool enclosures, outdoor furniture, and grills. Moreover, the animals left a strong smell.  The animals became comfortable around humans, which is particularly problematic with alligators.  One extremely large and well nourished alligator was removed from the community. Vultures surrounded the community and broke patio screens.

Homeowners’ associations have the duty to protect their residents and their properties.  The association was forced to sue Arya for her damaging conduct and prevailed in court.  Arya is now prohibited from feeding these animals and must pay $53,000 in attorney’s fees, costs and fines to the association. 

Learn more about this case here. If you have problems with your association or if your association needs a litigation attorney, we are happy to discuss the dispute with you.

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