Grammy Awards Sued by Its Former CEO for Discrimination and Harassment

The Grammy Awards will be given out to music’s biggest stars in just a couple of days. The Grammy Awards are presented by the Recording Academy.

Yesterday, the Recording Academy’s former CEO has filed a discrimination complaint with the EEOC in which she alleges unlawful gender discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful retaliation and unequal pay.

Deborah Dugan, the Academy’s first female CEO and president, alleges she was sexually harassed by the Academy’s general counsel. She alleges that the Academy refused to pay her an equal amount to what it paid its former president, Neil Portnow.

Deborah Dugan

In response, the Academy states that these claims were made after a female employee alleged that Dugan had created a toxic and intolerable work environment and when Dugan did raise these concerns to human resources, she told them not to take any action in response.

You can read more about this dispute here.

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