Court Finds Suspension of Lesbian Teacher is Unconstitutional

Stacy Bailey is a former Teacher of the Year at Charlotte Anderson Elementary in Arlington, Texas. In 2017, the school placed her on an eight-month administrative leave after she showed students a picture of her soon-to-be-wife. This adverse employment action came after a parent had complained that Bailey, who is gay, was promoting a “homosexual agenda” to her students. The school then wrote in a press release that the teacher’s comments about “sexual orientation” were not “age-appropriate” for her elementary school students.

Stacy Bailey

Bailey sued the school district for discrimination. A federal court has ruled that the school’s move was unconstitutional and the parties have subsequently resolved the matter. Bailey will receive $100,000 from the school district and the district has also agreed to add trainings related to LGBTQ+ issues and to consider creating sexual orientation-based protections for its teachers.

Bailey has since moved to a new school and has said that she will donate 10% of her settlement to a charity that helps LGBTQ+ students.

Read more about this lawsuit here.

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