Compulsive Gambler Sues Caesars for Allowing him to Gamble

Fair or Foul? Tarwinder Shokar recognizes that he is an addicted gambler. He alleges in a new lawsuit that he went to Caesars Windsor in Ontario two times in 2013. During those two visits, he lost a total of $260,000. He lost $70,000 the first visit and then $190,000 a few days later. He claims the casino treated him to a steak dinner, a hotel room, and taxi rides to and from his home.

In the lawsuit, he alleges that the casino did everything it could to allow him to keep gambling and it should have been aware that he had been banned from other casinos due to disruptive behavior. He has requested that the casino reimburse him for his losses plus an additional $500,000 in punitive damages.

The casino responded by stating that, “Each time he made a wager, he chose the amount of money he wanted to wager in full knowledge of the risks associated with that wager.”

What do you think? Should the casino be held responsible for allowing a compulsive gambler to gamble or should the judge dismiss the lawsuit. I think this will be a very, very tough case for the plaintiff to win.

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