Lawsuit Seeks to Determine Whether City of Reno Can Ban 18-20 Year Old Women from Working as Strippers?

The adult entertainment industry is a big business in Nevada, likely netting hundreds of millions of dollars annually.  But what constitutes an “adult?”  The issue in a new lawsuit pending in Reno, Nevada is what age can a woman work in Reno’s gentlemen’s club.   Eight Plaintiffs between the ages of 18 and 21 have sued the city of Reno after it banned women from working in these clubs until they are 21 years old.  The city of Reno apparently argues that “those under the age of 21 may be more likely to do bad things when exposed to alcohol and the uncovered breast of a female body.”  Apparently, 18-20 year old women can serve in the military, but cannot work in a Reno gentlemen’s club.  These dancers have alleged that they each expect to lose between $50,000 and $100,000 annually and argue that the government has taken away their ability to earn a living.  Strippers in Reno are independent contractors with their own individual business licenses in this highly regulated industry.  The Plaintiffs will surely seek to certify this case as a class action.

Cotzen Law has successfully represented exotic dancers/strippers in local disputes regarding unpaid wages.  Gentlemen’s clubs may be subject to certain laws if the dancers are employees instead of independent contractors. 

You can read more about this lawsuit here.

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